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Does your business have 4 phone lines or more?

The latest in digital technology can often save enough on the monthly service rate to pay the cost of leasing a new telephone system. Converting multiple analog business lines to VoIP service can reduce the monthly cost and provide a wealth of features and benefits, with exactly the same call quality.

All NEC telephone systems we sell are Internet-ready to support VoIP service.

Call us to schedule a no-cost analysis of your current local service and long distance spending, and we'll create a detailed cost comparison between analog and VoIP service. Depending on which city your office is located, you may qualify for special promotional rates from the carrier, reducing your overall monthly service cost by as much as the entire lease payment for a new telephone system. Leasing is available on all new equipment we sell (upon approval of credit by NEC Leasing).

The amount of savings varies by geographic location of the business, as well as usage and calling patterns. We'll perform an objective analysis to illustrate the features and benefits gained, and most important, determine how much your company can save on the monthly phone bill by converting to VoIP service.